Friday Favourites: Bath time treats

July 6, 2018


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love baths. There’s little I enjoy more than sinking into a piping hot tub of gorgeously scented water at the end of a busy day – especially if it’s a day that’s been dominated by debate over the purple cup vs the pink cup, intermittent toddler meltdowns and sibling squabbles over Octonauts figures.


I thrill at the thought that, with a couple of well chosen treats, I can make my own bathroom a small private spa – emerging from it cleansed, refreshed and a saner, less frazzled version of myself.


I am a bath evangelist, and if you are not ‘a bath person’ I urge you – for your own benefit – to consider your position. Here are some of the bits and bobs I use to make bath times extra special, should you need inspiration…


Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, £31

Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts

Not a cheap choice, but one that you will not regret if you make the decision to splurge. I always put these on Christmas and birthday lists if people ask for present inspiration, as they are lovely to receive as a gift.

These salts smell genuinely incredible. Richly scented with a blend of lavender, lavandin and clary sage, they will fill your whole bathroom with a transportive aroma that aids relaxation like no other product I’ve tried.

Soak in them for half an hour if you can, and you’ll arise from the tub happier, calmer and ready for bed (or – if you’re me – ready for an ovenable curry that you’ve put your husband in charge of cooking…)


Neom Organics Complete Bliss Candle, from £16

Neom Complete Bliss Candle


This is another product I now feel I would struggle to live without. I’m a massive convert to Neom candles, and this one is the perfect choice if you’re after a fragrance that will help you unwind.

No fewer than 17 oils are involved in creating the Complete Bliss scent, which manages to be bright as well as calming. I’m not a fan of heavy, overpowering lavender fragrances, and this is their antithesis: while it delivers on its promise to chill you out, it won’t leave your bathroom (or any other space you put it in) smelling like a little old lady’s powder room.


Lush fresh face masks, £7.50 each

Lush Brazened Honey Mask


I’m a lover of face masks not because I believe they can cure skin complaints – setting up a strong daily routine is the most important way to address these – but because I adore the ritual of slathering my skin in something that feels good and promises beautifying, if temporary, effects.

Lush’s fresh offerings are a delight, and if I pop into my local branch to pick up bath bombs for the children I can rarely resist grabbing one. My favourites are Brazened Honey and Cupcake (which really does smell tempting enough to eat).

Fresh masks need to be kept in the fridge, and I can confirm that smoothing a cool, gloopy treat on to your face in the current warm weather is blissful.

If you save up five old face mask pots, Lush will also recycle them for you *and* give you a sixth mask for free when you take them to your local store. How good is that?


Neal’s Yard Remedies Rose Facial Wash, £17

NYR Rose Facial Wash

Gentle, softly scented and a simple pleasure to use.

If I use a face mask in the bath, I remove it with a wash cloth when it’s done its work – then freshen my skin with this light gel.

Used one or two pumps at a time, it will last a long while.


Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, £43

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath


Eye-wateringly expensive it may be, but this stuff is superb. A capful poured under running water produces a rich, milky, divine-smelling bath worthy of Cleopatra – and as queen of your own little world, surely you deserve no less?

This is another product I regularly remind friends and relatives I will always be grateful for should they need gift ideas – but honestly, I don’t know why I baulk at buying it for myself once or twice a year given that I love it so much.

The whole point of bath time is that it’s a precious opportunity for indulgence during days or weeks that, whatever you do, will almost always be largely taken up with work, life admin, laundry and caring for others (be they parents, pets, partners or children).


In the immortal words of Donna and Tom, TREAT YO’SELF:


PS – All of the above products pair beautifully with a glass of wine or a G&T and a good book.


Happy bathing all! See you next week… 

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