Tuesday Tidbits: For World Cup Widows

July 3, 2018


You’ve spotted it: my latest Friday Favourites didn’t happen, so instead I’m going to publish it today as Tuesday Tidbits. Ahem.


I’m having a very busy time at the moment with copywriting, parent-teacher consultations, general life admin and my own endless, pathetic repetitions of the phrase “IT’S SO HOTTTTTTTTT, I DON’T THINK I CAN COOOOOOOPE!”


Seriously, I love sunshine – but temperatures like these are tough on me as a fully paid up Anglo-Irish paleface.


Aside from working and seeking out as much shade as I can find, I’ve also been spending a lot of time baffled by / avoiding the World Cup.


There’s some kind of chart I don’t understand blu-tacked to my kitchen wall. While I know Germany have been knocked out, I couldn’t tell you by who if you offered me £50 for the info.


There appears to be a match on ALL THE TIME, but I never know who is playing, or where, or what the result might mean. I am blissful in my ignorance, but also somewhat isolated – because until all this is over, it seems I’ve irrevocably lost my husband to football and dreams of “it coming home”. If England win tonight, I expect things will only get sillier.


To be honest, while I’m glad these shenanigans only happen once every four years I’m rather enjoying spending afternoons and evenings doing my own thing while he shouts at the telly or goes to our local with his “football friends” (*sorry*…).


Here’s what I’ve been reading, watching, snacking on and enjoying during my sport-induced, sun-soaked solitude…


Eat Up! by Ruby Tandoh, £8.99

Eat Up book


A book about the importance of food and the pleasure to be found in cooking it, sharing it and eating it – plus a refreshing riposte to ‘nutritional’ fads and crash diet culture.


Available from good book shops and Amazon.

Queer Eye, Season 2

Queer Eye 2

This hit Netflix a few weeks ago and since then every influencer under this hot summer sun has been raving about it.

They’re right to, though: it somehow manages to be sincere, arch, uplifting, silly and serious all at the same time.

Episode one of this series is a must-see: if you don’t shed a tear at Mama Tammye and her boy Miles, you should probably check to make sure your heart isn’t made of fibreglass.

The episode featuring Skyler, a transgender man who’s just undergone top surgery, is humbling for the viewer but also for the fab five. Silver Fox Tan in particular is pushed to explore the limitations of his thinking about some members of the LGBTQ+ community, who – as he admits – he doesn’t necessarily understand just because he is gay.

Pixi Skincare and Skin Tint

My obsession with Pixi has taken on new life this summer. Every product I try, I love – and I can’t say I’m sorry, because for their prices they are generally very effective and represent great value.

I’ve mentioned the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse (£24) in a previous post, and it’s still fab. New recommendations include the Rose Caviar Essence (£26), Hydrating Milky Mist (£18) and H2O Skin Tint (£24). This last product has revolutionised my warm weather makeup routine: it’s a cooling, tinted gel that evens out imperfections and boosts glow, *without* adding any weight to the skin. Wear this and people will assume you have no makeup on but keep telling you how well you look. An absolute winner.

I tend to buy my Pixi products from my local (previously underestimated) Marks and Spencer beauty hall.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin, £38 for 70cl

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin


As gins go, this is fairly pricey – but my goodness it’s delicious.

A single shot, served long over ice with good tonic water and a slice of fresh ginger just can’t be beaten for me at the moment.

Enjoy in the quiet peace of your garden after the kids are in bed.

Available from large supermarkets including Waitrose, and online.

Salted Caramel Magnums, £2 for four

Yes, MagnumS, plural.

I’ve eaten far too many of these over the past few weeks, but when the weather is like this it’d be rude not to have an ice cream every day. Wouldn’t it…?

Available from most major supermarkets. Assuming I haven’t got there first, that is…


Hope you guys enjoy some of these while ignoring the England match tonight – I definitely will!

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